10 Romantic Activities for Couples in Hong Kong


For us, Filipinos, it’s really convenient to visit Hong Kong. One, it’s just a short haul flight from the Philippines, and a bit less costly than most popular tourist destinations. Second, we are not required of a visa if we are to stay for 14 days or less in Hong Kong. All you have to do is have your passports ready and book a flight (and a hotel) and you are good to go!


7 Awesome Things to Do in Hong KongIn my case, I have been to Hong Kong twice. The first one was – oh gosh – 15 years ago, and the other one was just this year. My first Hong Kong adventure was with my family and my dad made sure we maximized our stay by seeing different spots and trying out new things. The second one was with a friend, and for work, so we planned something different. Actually, we didn’t plan anything because we just wanted to explore Hong Kong in ways we have not yet read from books and blogs.

In both occasions, I got to enjoy Hong Kong. But then I realized, maybe it would be a great experience to have Hong Kong a country where I would drag the love of my life. I don’t have any as of the moment, but being an innate storyteller, I imagined romantic activities while in this wonderful country.

1. Ride the classic tram

I love Hong Kong’s MTR. It was our savior for going around without hailing a cab, thus saving us huge dollars. But since we were looking for a new adventure, we decided to take the tram. I mean, it’s been a while since I dreamt of riding one in Portugal. For now, the one in Hong Kong should do me fine. This is one of the oldest forms of public transport and we saw places which we will miss if we ride the MTR. I actually loved feeling the breeze against my skin and I’m sure it can get pretty romantic riding one again while holding hands with someone you love.  Did I mention that the fare is cheap too? Jackpot!

10 Romantic Activities for Couples in Hong Kong
Photo by Can Pac Swire CC BY-NC 2.0

2. Be Kids at Heart while in Disneyland

If you are in Hong Kong, why would you miss seeing Disneyland? I don’t care if you are a couple in your 30s or even in your 50s. We will always have that kid within ourselves. Plus, I think it is always cute to goof around and act crazy – as long as you are with your lover. Time to show that side, honey!7 Awesome Things to Do in Hong Kong

3. Check out the view from Victoria Peak

If you want superb panoramic view of the city, nothing beats Victoria Peak. The stunning view will make you feel so good, you’d fall in love even more.

10 Romantic Activities for Couples in Hong Kong
Photo by Michael Tyler CC BY-SA 2.0

4. Ride a Junk Boat

We tried riding one when I was 12 and boy, I can still remember the experience! For couples, you might think that this is just a waste of time and that you will get nothing out of it. Or maybe, this isn’t too romantic for you. I beg to disagree. Make it romantic by having a bottle of wine and some simple snacks which you can savor while you enjoy the view.7 Awesome Things to Do in Hong Kong

5. Visit Ocean Park Hong Kong

When we first went to Hong Kong, Disneyland was still underworks and Ocean Park was the most popular amusement park in the country at the time. Even up to this day, I would still recommend it not just for the kids, but also for couples. You would be fascinated with a lot of creatures and you get to learn about it too. For me, learning with your special someone is definitely healthy for your relationship.

10 Romantic Activities for Couples in Hong Kong
Photo by khengsiong CC BY-NC 2.0

6. Go shopping at street markets

Guys, show some love to your ladies by taking them to street markets. That might not be romantic for you, but trust me – you’d get so many kisses if you take them there. You can check out the Temple Street and Ladies Market. Your girl would be happy, and I’m pretty sure you’d get your reward after the tour. 😉

10 Romantic Activities for Couples in Hong Kong
Photo by shankar s. CC BY 2.0

7. Don’t forget the temples

It is always nice to see temples where you can witness traditions being preserved by a number of locals. While Hong Kong is considered a very progressive and advanced country, it still fascinates me that they were able to have their culture intact. And it’s even more impressive knowing that Hong Kong was a British Colony for years.

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8. Explore the beach

You see, you can still do that ‘holding – hands – while – walking – on – the- beach’ thing when in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has nice beaches actually. You can visit Shek O, but be prepared to see a huge crowd. Or maybe you can try surfing at Big Wave Bay and have some fun with your partner. But for lovers who are hungry for more intimacy, then perhaps the Tung Wan beach is your best bet.

10 Romantic Activities for Couples in Hong Kong
Photo by Tom Booth CC BY 2.0

9. Get active in the Dragon’s Back

Couples who hike together, stay together. Yes, I made that up but I think that couples who do active things together are likely to have a more stable relationship. Man, you guys are releasing endorphins while hiking. That’s your happy hormone! When lucky, you can even see clear blue skies while hiking at Dragon’s Back. The views are amazing, and it is definitely a great escape from the city.

10 Romantic Activities for Couples in Hong Kong
Photo by ChInG_* CC BY-SA 2.0

10. Munch on some local treats

And with all the activities you can do in Hong Kong, reward yourself with some local delicacies which you shouldn’t miss. The choices can be overwhelming but I suggest you take small bites so you can have the best of everything. You get to have seafood, dim sum, noodles and everything in between. Another great thing about Hong Kong Food? These aren’t pricey! Here’s our article about 8 food and drinks to try in Hong Kong!8 Must-Try Food and Drinks in Hong Kong 10

Hong Kong will always be a huge part of my life because it was the first out of the country trip we had as a whole family. And if ever I’m going to meet the love of my life, I would surely push him to take me there and create new memories! It’s one of the places wherein you can do so much as a couple, and you don’t have to overspend or touch so much on your savings.

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