29 Places To Visit Near Bhopal In 2022 For Exploring Much Of Central India


Bhopal resides in Madhya Pradesh and has a contrasting landscape around it. Also, there are many religious shrines and two jyotirlingas located near Bhopal. There are around 100 places to visit near Bhopal that are waiting to get explored. The places are famous not only in India but across the globe and people often come here to spend good time to explore all these places. Most places are also a perfect weekend getaway near Bhopal. Some of them are listed below and adorned with the title of UNESCO world heritage like Khajuraho Temple and Sanchi Stupa. Nearby cities like Ujjain, Gwalior, Indore, Mandu have great monuments of ancient times that are preserved to date.

Top 29 Places To Visit Near Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh, the heart of the country India, is a destination that never fails to surprise. With so many places to visit near Bhopal, this destination is always action-packed for all kinds of travelers. Take a look at the amazing list of destinations that have made it! With temples, falls, ghats and on the banks of river Narmada, here is the compiled list

1. Pachmarhi – A Perfect Weekend Getaway

highest point in Madhya Pradesh

Image Source Pachmarhi is a hill station that is located on the highest point in Madhya Pradesh and is also known as “Queen of the Satpura Range”. The hill station is located at an altitude of 1,067 meters and is home to leopards and bison. The landscape is breathtaking and is also famous for its caves where Pandavas are said to have resided during their exile. The place is full of dense forests and acts as a perfect weekend getaway for many. People from nearby cities pack their things and come to escape from their daily busy routine to this place and unwind. The place also has few churches from the colonial era. The main places to visit in Pachmarhi are Bee falls, Jata Shankar caves, Pandava Caves, Dhoopgarh, Handi Khoh, Mahadeo hills. Pachmarhi is just 47 km from Pipariya. The nearest airport is in Bhopal (239 km away). Regular state-run buses are available to reach this place from nearby cities as it is a popular hill station. Places to Stay:

  • Hotel Amprapali
  • Hotel Utkarsh
  • Hotel Pandav
  • Hotel Indraprastha
  • Hotel Misty Meadows

Ideal Duration: 2 Nights/3 Days
Distance from Bhopal: 211 km

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2. Gwalior – A Historical City

Gwalior Fort In Madhya Pradesh Gwalior is a top tourist destination and one of the best places near Bhopal. The whole of central India occupies a central role in history as the place was under the kings for a lot of time. The influence is clearly visible in the city of Gwalior with multiple historical places. You can visit the magnificent Gwalior Fort, Jai Vilas Palace, Sasbahu Temple, Gujari Mahal, Teli Ka Mandir, the Gwalior Zoo and many top attractions. Avoid visiting the city in summers as it is a dry region.  

Places to Stay:

  • Taj Usha Kiran Palace
  • Clarks Inn Suites
  • Hotel Neemrana’s Deo Bagh
  • Radisson Gwalior
  • Gwalior Regency

Ideal Duration: 2 Days
Distance from Bhopal: 450 km 

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3. Pench National Park – The Green Zone

A Tiger at Pench National Park

Image Credits: Wikimedia

The Pench National Park is one of most popular places to visit near Bhopal located in the districts of Chhindwara and Seoni. The park has a rich wildlife, with an approximate area spanning 758 sq km. Find a wide variety of animals including the jackal, peafowl, wild dog, wild boar and the Bengal tiger. The park sprawls through some extreme green zone with the pristine Pench river flowing through the park.  The national park gained popularity when it was mentioned in Rudyard Kipling’s “Jungle Book”. Several things to do while in the park include jungle safari, bird watching, elephant rides, night safari and jungle walks. Places to Stay:

  • Tuli Tiger Corridor Resort
  • Pench Jungle Camp
  • Baghvan Wildlife Resort
  • Mahua Vann Resort
  • Tiger Valley Resort

Ideal Duration: 2 days
Distance from Bhopal: 393 km

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4. Amravati – With A Lot Of Cultural Significance

New Amravati Railway Station Image Credits: Satish Madiwale for Wikimedia Amravati is not on the list of the top places to visit near Bhopal yet the cultural significance and mythology makes it a must visit for religious fanatics. The Vidarbha region is popular for housing many temples while the stories of Lord Krishna and other gods suffice the area. If you are a nature lover, you can also visit the Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary, Melghat Tiger Reserve and Gugarnal National Park. Some other prominent places to visit in Amravati include Wadali Talav, Chhatri Talao Garden, Funland Water Park and Wadali Garden.

Places to Stay:

  • Baby Pearl
  • Hotel Regency
  • The Grand Mehfil
  • Hotel Excel Executive
  • Hotel Rangoli Pearl

Ideal Duration: 2 nights
Distance from Bhopal: 350 km

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5. Bandhavgarh National Park – Explore The Ridges And Forests

Leopard in Bandhavgarh National Park

Image Credits: Anuj Shree for Wkimedia

If you are looking forward to taking a magnificent trip to the lush green region of the Bandhavgarh National Park, then you won’t be disappointed. The safari opportunities are immense to catch a glimpse of wildlife. You can choose anything between Jeep or Elephant safari. The park is spread across the Vindhya Hills in Madhya Pradesh consisting of an area of 105 sq km with 400 sq km buffer consisting of ridges, forests and meadows.  The wildlife is vast including animals like tiger, leopard, sambar, barking deer, nilgai, wild pig, spotted deer and chinkara. You can also expect to find a lot of birds and bird-watchers will have a heavenly time. Find birds like Common Iora, Pariah Kite, Lesser White Throat,  Long Tailed Shrike, Crested Serpent Eagle and so much more. The lush surroundings, amazing wildlife and a perfect place to spend the weekend makes the national park one of the best tourist places near Bhopal.

Places to Stay:

  • Syna Tiger Resort
  • Bandhav Vilas
  • Hotel Tigergarh Resort
  • Maharaja Royal Retreat
  • Wild Heaven

Ideal Duration: 2 days
Distance from Bhopal: 452 km

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6. Madai – A Tranquil Village

A Boat in Sunset

Image Credits: Krishna for Wikimedia

One fine and one of the most quaint places to see near Bhopal is Madai. If you get an opportunity, definitely travel during the monsoons to get a fine view of the Satpura hills. The tranquil nature of the hills has plenty of abodes for you to discover. Be a part of treks, nature walks, camping and boating in the river Denwa.  The village will simply mesmerize you with its charm. The surreal sunsets and the peaceful silence around will calm your soul down. Find lush forests, backwaters, a rich wildlife and breath a fresh breath of air. It will simply act as a balm to your soul. While there, don’t forget to visit the Madai Tiger Reserve.

Places to Stay:

  • Pugdundee Safaris Denwa Backwater Escape
  • Anmol Resort & Garden
  • Forsyth Lodge
  • WelcomHeritage Golf View
  • Hotel Utkarsh

Ideal Duration: 2 days
Distance from Bhopal: 128 km

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7. Hanuwantiya – The Leisure Island

A Hot Air Balloon in Hanuwantiya Island

Image Credits: Sumit Surai for Wikimedia

One of the most adventurous places to see near Bhopal is Hanuwantiya Island. The abode for adventure tourism is Madhya Pradesh, the island is an unexplored and untouched place with tents that span across the island. You will also find plenty of water, land and other adventure activities. The Jal Mahotsav of the island has become a very important event which has attracted millions of tourists.  The sole purpose of building the island was to let the tourism industry in Madhya Pradesh take a boom. And it did, why would somebody not want to visit a place cut off from the world with unlimited potential to spend leisure time. You will find cheap accommodation as well as food, boating and cruise rides.

Places to Stay:

  • Satguru Aman Palace
  • Hotel Sangvi Palace
  • MPT Hanuwantiya Resort
  • SR Resort
  • Tourist Complex

Ideal Duration: 2 days
Distance from Bhopal: 234 km

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8. Burhanpur  – The Historical Magnificence

Asirgarh Fort in Burhanpur  

Image Credits: Yashasvi Nagda for Wikimedia

Burhanpur is another small yet amazing city and if not the greatest tourist places near Bhopal, is still a decent visit. The city is rich in history and historians in conjunction with art lovers will particularly enjoy exploring. The Mughal influence is clearly demarcated in the city culture – in its magnificent structures and historical remains. Located on the banks of river Tapti, the city is situated south of Bhopal The beautiful city is named after Sheikh Burhan-ud-din, a popular Sufi Saint who constructed many wonderful monuments like Dargah E Hakimi, Akbari Sarai, Shahi Qila and more. The monuments clearly showcase the lifestyle of the Mughal king Shahjahan and his wife. With a culture-rich city such as this, numerous fairs and festivals are a must visit like Navratri Garba, Devi Utsav, Diwali and more.

Places to Stay:

  • Hotel Grand Shivam
  • Hotel Tapti Retreat Burhanpur
  • Vastushilp Guest House
  • Hotel Ambar and Holiday Resort
  • Hotel Madhuvan

Ideal Duration: 2 days
Distance from Bhopal: 340 km

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9. Bundi – A Famous Town

Bundi Fort Palace

Image Credits: Antoine Taveneaux for Wikimedia

Bundi is an awesome town located in Rajasthan that is famous for its palaces, forts, paintings, mansions and step wells. The town has been mentioned fairly in literary arts like in Rabindranath Tagor’s poem ‘False Fort’. The captivating town is surrounded by the Aravalli hills from all sides while Brahmin-blue houses, hills, lakes, and temples form the core. Such magnificence makes Bundi one of the top places to visit near Bhopal. There are plenty of places to visit in Bundi that showcase the traditional Rajput architecture. The Taragarh Fort is the most famous one. Other places of interest include Sukh Mahal, Raniji ki Baori, Nawal Sagar, Garh Palace, Jait Sagar Lake and 84 Pillared Cenotaph. Also get to explore the famous Bundi Paintings, and several festivals like the Kajali Teej and Gangaur Festival.

Places to Stay:

  • Pratapgarh Haveli
  • Hadoti Palace Bundi
  • Ishwari Niwas Palace Bundi
  • Hotel Bundi Haveli
  • Haveli Taragarh Palace

Ideal Duration: 2 days
Distance from Bhopal: 381 km

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10. Chanderi – Where Mystical Stories Surface

Badal Mahal in Chanderi

Image Credits: Wikimedia

There are plenty of reasons to consider Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh as one of the best tourist places near Bhopal. A town full of historical importance, Chanderi is surrounded by several hills with the Betwa River flowing through. You will also find lakes, forests and spot several monuments of the Bundela Rajputs and Malwa sultans. And would you not consider the mystical stories that clutch this town – remember the movie ‘Stree’. Get the opportunity to explore amazing monuments like Chanderi Fort Palace, Badal Mahal, Khuni Darwaza, Shahzadi Ka Roza, Raja Rani Mahal, Kati Ghati and so much more. The ancient mahals will definitely take you back and make you feel the essence of time that has gone through the place. 

Places to Stay:

  • Kila Kothi
  • Hotel Tana Bana
  • Hotel Pragati
  • Amraee Guest House
  • Hotel Shayam Vatika

Ideal Duration: 2 days
Distance from Bhopal: 214 km 

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11. Panna – The Diamond Palace

Pandav Falls in Panna

Image Credits: Sushil Panthri for Wikimedia

Panna is a small town and one that is famous for all the diamond mines. What gets it to the list of places to see near Bhopal is its historical importance, religious sentiments and natural splendor in the form of Panna National Park where you can witness the fierce Bengal Tiger. Tourists come here in search of picnic spots with the Pandav Caves and Falls attracting the majority of them.  Some other awesome places in Panna include the Benisagar Lake, Dharam Sagar Lake, Jugal Kishore Mandir and more. Panna is your ideal offbeat holiday destination. Stay here for a day or two and you’ll forget your worries and rejuvenate yourself over the weekend. 

Places to Stay:

  • Hotel Shanvi Landmark Resort Panna
  • Pashan Garh
  • Ashish Lodge
  • Sarai at Toria
  • Ken River Lodge

Ideal Duration: 1 day
Distance from Bhopal: 383 km 

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12. Kanha National Park – Time To Spot The Bengal Tiger

A Tiger at Kanha National Park

Image Credits: David V. Raju for Wikimedia

Wildlife lovers welcome yourself to one of the finest tourist places near Bhopal. Nestled in the Maikal rage of the magnificent Satoura mountains, the park is located at the heart of India in the central Indian highlands. The Kanha National Park is declared as the finest Tiger reserves in India. The park is quite old having been declared as a reserved forest way back in 1879. Spread across an area of 940 sq km, the park has a buffer zone of 1940 sq km. The landscape is massive surrounded by deep meadows, dense forests and several trek trails. Nature lovers will definitely have a blast with adorable water streams, green hilly trees and plenty of wildlife to explore. One of the best places within the park is Bammi Dadar, also called ‘Sunset Point’.

Places to Stay:

  • Mogli Resort
  • Chitvan Jungle Lodge
  • Jungle King Resort
  • Kanha Earth Lodge 
  • Tuli Tiger Resort

Ideal Duration: 1 day
Distance from Bhopal: 408 km 

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13. Ujjain – A Holy City

one of the holiest cities for Hindus in India

Image Source

Ujjain is the home of Lord Shiva and is one of the holiest cities for Hindus in India. The city is located on the banks of Shipra River in the Malwa region and is one of the four cities where Kumbh Mela resides. This makes Ujjain a place with the largest peace gathering of people where hundreds of millions of people come and reside. To add to this tranquility, there is also a Jyotirlinga shrine in Ujjain out of twelve all over India. The place is the mecca for getting an education in Madhya Pradesh and is one of the richest cities in terms of religious piousness. People come here from various countries to witness the magic of this city. The city is located 52 km from Indore and has the nearest airport in Indore. Top attractions in Ujjain includes Mahakaleshwar Temple, Kal Bhairav Temple, Ram Mandir Ghat, Kumbha Mela, Harsiddhi Temple, Kaliadeh Palace. Winters are the best time to visit Ujjain as the temperature is pleasant than (October to March).

Places to Stay:

  • Hotel Anjushree
  • Hotel Mittal Paradise
  • Hotel Abika Elite
  • Hotel Abika Elite
  • Hotel Kalpana Palace

Ideal Duration: 1 Night/2 Days
Distance from Bhopal: 190 km

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14. Indore – With A Rich Culture

best time to visit Indore is from July to March

Image Source

Indore is known for the Lal Bagh Palace, Rajwada and shopping. The city has a rich culture that has been preserved over the centuries. The best time to visit Indore is from July to March. The temperature is always soothing here except for peak summers when you might not like to roam around in the scorching sun. The city also adorns Kanch Mandir or Mandir made up from the glass, the Bada Ganpati Temple and Annapurna temple that is the temple of the goddess of food. The city is famous for its delicacies, especially the imarti and poha – a dish made of rice flakes and vegetables. The city is named after Indreshwar Mahadev Temple is one of the few temples of Lord Indra. They say that Lord Indra meditated here on this land and later Swami Indrapuri established this temple to pay homage to Lord Indra. Indore is also known as an educational hub as it has both an IIT and IIM in this city. Also, various industries have established their facilities in this city.

Places to Stay:

  • Radisson Blu Hotel Indore
  • Sayaji Hotel Indore
  • Indore Marriott Hotel
  • The Red Maple Mashal
  • Ginger Hotel

Ideal Duration: 1 Night/2 Days
Distance from Bhopal: 194 km

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15. Orchha – For Intricately Carved Temples

Orchha is famous for the Jehangir Mahal

Image Source

Orchha is famous for the Jehangir Mahal, the Orchha Fort, Ram Raja Temple, and Raja Mahal. The city is known for its intricately carved temples and grand palaces. The city is in a pristine location beside the river Betwa and holds historical importance. The place is known to be a place for photographers. You can often see Gurus adorned in colorful clothes siding on roadsides. It’s a pleasure clicking them however some of them might ask money for the photographs. The best time to visit Orchha is during winters. There are various travel packages available to visit this place. Other top attractions are rafting and boating in river Betwa, then Chhatris and Chaturbhuj temple. The city is known for rich cultural heritage and is known for architectural marvel and temples present in this place. The nearest airport is in Gwalior (140 km away). There are no direct railways connected to Orchha. One needs to reach Jhansi and travel around 16 km to reach Orchha. The city is small to have any kind of transport however local tempos can be hired to travel around the city.

Places to Stay:

  • Hotel Sunset
  • Hotel Orchaa Inn
  • Hotel Vaidyaraj
  • Ramdham Hotel
  • Sri Ramraja Guest House

Ideal Duration: 1 Night/2 Days
Distance from Bhopal: 351 km

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16. Bhedaghat – A Great Attraction

top attractions to visit while in Bhedaghat are Marble Rocks

Image Source

Bhedaghat is a city of marble rocks because of 100 feet rocks that reside on either side of Narmada. The top attractions to visit while in Bhedaghat are Marble Rocks, Dhuandhar Falls, Chausath Yogini Temple, and people often love to shop in this city and trench for soapstone artifacts. The city is near Jabalpur. Dhuandhar Falls is 100 feet tall fall that creates a smoke-like effect due to a huge cascade of water falling from such a height. People love to boat in this city especially during moonlight also, you may hire boatmen who would reside several stories while your boat along the shores of Narmada. The best time to visit Bhedaghat is between November and March. The city does not have its airport or rail head. The nearest railway station is in Jabalpur from where you need to travel to this city via cabs of buses. The nearest airport is also in Jabalpur which is 30 km away.

Places to Stay:

  • Motel Marble Rocks
  • Vrindavan Gopala Resort
  • Hotel River View
  • Hotel Marble City
  • Resort Palm Pair

Ideal Duration: 1 Day
Distance from Bhopal: 303 km

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17. Omkareshwar – With Architectural Value

The temple is on the island of Mandhata

Image Source

Omkareshwar is also known as mini Varanasi and is famous for the Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga which another holy shrine of Lord Shiva amongst 12 Jyotirlingas in India is. The temple is on the island of Mandhata which is the meeting point of Narmada and Kaveri. Mandhata is said to have been in the shape of the holy ‘Om’ symbol and there are several other temples in this region in addition to Jyotirlinga. These temples also boast architectural value in addition to religious aura and house beautiful frescos and carvings. Omakreshwar is one of the most sacred towns in Madhya Pradesh and has got two ancient shrines that is Omakreshwar and Amarkareshwar. The whole area is bounded by mountains and gives a pristine view of its surroundings. The place is also known for the parikrama of this island. People often pay their homage by covering the outer edge of this island on bare feet.

Places to Stay:

  • Hotel Shri Radhe Krishna
  • Sailani Island Resort
  • Rewa Hotels & Resorts
  • Narmada Hills Resort
  • Ashirwad Hotel

Ideal Duration: 1 Day
Distance from Bhopal: 263 km

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18. Khajuraho – For Its Stunning Temples

one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites

Image Source

Khajuraho is known for its architectural masterpiece and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Khajuraho temples are known for their stunning and erotic carvings which are said to have been adorned to promote marriages in the medieval period. This resulted in the shortening of the population in the country. Then the king of that state got these temples carved to promote marriages so that people may produce children. These temples are still preserved, and people often come here from across the globe to visit these temples. The heritage is situated in a vast area of land and has around 25 temples spread across. Khajuraho being a popular destination has its own railhead and airport. Other places to visit in this city are the light and sound show, Dulhadev Temple, Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Lakshman Temple, Parsvanath Temple, and Vishwanath Temple.

Places to Stay:

  • The Lalit Traveler Khajuraho
  • The Lalit Temple View
  • Radisson Jass Hotel
  • Hotel Isabel Palace
  • Hotel Harmony

Ideal Duration: 1 Night/2 Days
Distance from Bhopal: 372 km

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