5 Ways to Spend the Day in Singapore


Also known as the ‘Garden City’, one of the things that makes Singapore so unique is its tropical setting. It’s so tropical, in fact, that it’s one of only two cities on earth to have its own tropical rainforest. 

So while Singapore may be a city-lover’s dream, it’s also a great place for lovers of nature and exotic wildlife. 

A jaunt through Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve affords guests an opportunity to see wild river otters. A trip to Pulau Ubin allows them to spot monitor lizards, monkeys, wild boar and even tiny mouse deer. While hikes through Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, MacRitchie Resevoir Park or Chestnut Nature Park allow visitors to experience true jungles and wilderness while being just a stone’s throw away from some of the most efficient public transportation and futuristic skyscrapers in the world -amazing! 

For family affairs or more ‘guaranteed’ animal sightings, Singapore also hosts two of Asia’s most incredible animal exhibits in the Singapore Zoo and River Safari spaces.

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