A Guide to the Cardamom Mountains


The sprawling Cardamom are home to a vast array of terrain, including mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, plains and Southeast Asia’s largest mangrove forest. Within these diverse ecosystems live a variety of wildlife from endangered Irrawaddy dolphins and Malaysian sun bears to more than 450 species of birds. 

A visit to the Cardamom region is a true nature experience, akin, in many ways, to a safari in Africa.

Marcel van der Zwaag, General Manager of EXO Cambodia recently returned from Cardamom. ‘It’s such a privilege to be able to travel to such rugged nature. Kayaking offers sightings of wild animals without disturbing their habitat and you can easily get lost in the rivers of the mangrove forests. It’s amazing experience this and learning how important these areas are for a sustainable future.’

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