Ao Nang Thailand: Things To Do And Where To Stay


Located in the coastal province of Krabi, Ao Nang Thailand is a small town and tourist spot which is next to a beach and surrounded by sheer cliffs, the town itself consists of pubs, restaurants, clubs, shops and other commercial buildings. Ao Nang offers various activities to do which include rock climbing, scuba-diving, boat rides to nearby islands and beaches.

About Ao Nang Thailand

About Ao Nang ThailandAbout Ao Nang Thailand

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Ao Nang Thailand was previously called Ao Phra Nang as a way of paying homage to a local goddess who is said to be a wife of a fisherman who was lost at sea and she lived out the rest of the days in a cave waiting for her husband. These days the local fisherman and boatmen leave offerings in the cave, called Phra Nang cave, in the form of male genitalia carved out of wood for safe passage.

Best Time To Visit Ao Nang Thailand

Best Time To Visit Ao Nang ThailandBest Time To Visit Ao Nang Thailand

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Most tourists visit Ao Nang during the months of November to April and most come during the Holidays like Christmas, New Years and Chinese New Year so if you plan to experience a bustling and alive Ao Nang then visiting during these months is recommended. During the months of May to October you can expect to experience rainy weather, lesser tourists and cheaper accommodation.

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How to Reach Ao Nang Thailand

How to Reach Ao Nang ThailandHow to Reach Ao Nang Thailand

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Ao Nang is one of the busiest parts of Thailand’s Krabi Province and has been having visitors and tourists since around the 1980s. The small town of Ao Nang is just 20 km away from Krabi Town, you can take a bus there which costs about 60 bhat. The Krabi International Airport is about 25 km and you can take a taxi to Ao Nang to book a private minibus for larger groups of people.

Places to Stay In Ao Nang Thailand

Places to Stay In Ao Nang ThailandPlaces to Stay In Ao Nang Thailand

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Aonang Phu Petra Resort Krabi is one of the more popular hotels to stay which is located in the southern part of Ao Nang Beach and provides a luxury stay, Holiday Inn Resort Krabi is also another popular hotel located on the same beach but it is more expensive than Petra Resort, Centara Anda Dhevi Resort and Spa also provides comfortable lodging for reasonable price.

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