Cambodia Product Update: November 2023


This month, we present a new itinerary Cambodia’ southwest region filled with the wild, natural beauty of rivers, waterfalls, dense jungle and mangrove forests.

We also invite you to discover the hidden beauty of Siem Reap with our selection of unique and little-known hotels. Welcome to the November Cambodia Product Newsletter!


Key Takeaways:


Product update – We’ve been updating our Jungle to the Beach tour and present you hidden gems of Siem Reap.

Hotel update – We have selected four hotels to highlight: An eco-resort by the Tatai river, a safari-style tent, a lovely boutique hotel in peaceful area of Phnom Penh and, last but not least, an elegant and modern hotel on the outskirts of the capital.


New inspection blog  – Marcel van der Zwaag, General Manager of EXO Cambodia,  recently returned from Cardamom mountains. Learn more about the region in the article here


Water festival – Cambodia public holiday from Sunday 26 November to Tuesday 28 November. Our office will reopen as usual on Wednesday 29 November, 2023.

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