Sumatra Trekking Challenge

Each day guests will trek alongside an expert guide who will share their knowledge of the endemic flora and fauna. If lucky, trekkers will spot some of these species, including the Sumatran Striped Rabbit...

Virtuoso Travel Week 2023 Recap

EXO has been a Virtuoso Preferred Supplier since 2008. We are a Virtuoso on-site for all ten of our destinations- Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia- with...

Getting the Most Out of Your Holiday in Bali

Introduction Bali is a captivating tropical paradise known for its vibrant culture, scenic landscapes, and deep-rooted traditions. From pristine beaches to delectable cuisine, this Indonesian island promises an array of experiences. Whether you’re after...

Luxury Aviation Experiences for Your Vacation in Asia

If you are planning a luxurious holiday, then a trip to Asia is something you must consider. From the enchanting monasteries of Bhutan high up in the Himalayan Kingdom to idyllic and private...

Best place to see Orangutans

Orangutans are an endangered species of great apes endemic to the rainforests of just two islands in Indonesia and Malaysia: Sumatra and Borneo. This means that they can be found on these islands, and nowhere...

Luxury Hotel Review: Atria Hotel & Conference Magelang, Indonesia @AtriaMagelang

Our journey to Borobudur Temple was made even more special with the utmost hospitality from the people of Atria Hotel & Conference Magelang, Indonesia. Other articles you can read:  Right from the entrance...

7 Awesome Things to Do in Flores, Indonesia

Dragons cradle, home of the largest living lizard, a nearly fictive island with the beach of blushing pink shaded seashore, with locals protecting and sharing an experience of traditional norms of their local...

List of the Best Luxury Hotels in Indonesia

In this article, you will find the following – Best luxury hotels in Jakarta; Best luxury hotels in Bandung; Best luxury hotels in Magelang; Best luxury hotels in Yogyakarta; Best luxury hotels in...

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia

I remember one of the participants of the #TripofWonders asked, “What’s our itinerary for tomorrow?” “I guess in a village. Looks not really interesting.” I replied. (Shame on me that I could really say...

The Best Indonesian Islands to visit during a Luxury Cruise

Java is the most populous island in Indonesia and is home to more than 140 million people. It is also the site of the country’s capital, Jakarta. Java is the 5th largest island...

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