11 Secret Asian Destinations That Will Blow your Mind

Images are enough to describe why these destinations are incredible. Which one would you pick for the upcoming winter vacations? 1. Ko Tao, Thailand 2. Sihanoukville, Combodia 3. XiShuangBanna in Yunan 4. El Nido, Philippines 5. Nha...

Seeds of Hope : EXO Community Forest in Dong Nai, Vietnam

 Overview of Gaia Assessment of Forest:  Description of the forest– Total area: 1ha– Location: Km 15, Subzone 147, Area 2,Patch A, A Dong Nai World BiosphereReserve (Tiểu khu 147, Khoảnh 2, Lô A).– Forest type: 327 CKD.–...

10 Beautiful Villas In Laos For A Comfy And Snuggly Stay During Your Vacay

Laos has a rich history extending back to 10,000 years. Landlocked and laid-back, it’s an extraordinary turn on the Southeast Asia encounter. Here Buddhism saturates each aspect of life, change comes gradually, and...

Discover These Top 19 Idukki Tourist Places To Make Your Trip Memorable In 2022

A proud home of South India’s highest peak, Anamudi that stands at a height of 2,695 meters, Idukki is one of the most stunning...

EXO Responsible Travel Policies

While we firmly believe that, with sustainability, actions speak louder than words, words are also necessary to codify intentions and create alignment towards a common purpose.  To this end, every year we update our...

Best place to see Orangutans

Orangutans are an endangered species of great apes endemic to the rainforests of just two islands in Indonesia and Malaysia: Sumatra and Borneo. This means that they can be found on these islands, and nowhere...

15 Sexiest Infinity Pools In Asia You Will Never Want To Get Out Of

If this blistering hot summer is making you feel down and low, we know how to cheer you up. Let’s take a virtual tour out of the air conditioned confines of your home...

Introducing our New GM of EXO Laos : Andrea Vinsonneau

Through her multi-national, multi-cultural meanderings growing up, it was Laos that truly captured her heart.  ‘There’s just something about the warmth of the people, the beauty of the landscapes, and the richness of the...

10 Temples In Cambodia That Stand As Epitome Of Antiquity

Cambodia, a country in Southeast Asia known to be alluring travelers with its temple ruins that prettify the landscape. The temples in Cambodia have tales to narrate, but most importantly they stand as...

Festivals In Estonia: Enjoy Stunning Extravaganzas Of 2022

Estonia is a magnificent country in the northern part of Europe and is famous for housing over 1,500 islands. It shares its border with the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. Estonia’s...

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