EXO Laos: Reducing Plastic Waste with New Refill System


In order to provide clean and safe water to guests, EXO is equipping all supplied minivans and buses with a Water Refill System. This will ensure guests have access to cool, purified drinking water at all times, whether remaining in or out town.

If clients do not have a refill bottle or wish to purchase a new refillable bottle, they are readily available at shops and hotels in Laos.

In addition to EXO’s refill stations, there are also free refill spots available to the public throughout Luang Prabang. We hope to see this public effort expand throughout the country, but until then EXO’s Water Refill System will continue to be the main source for our guests. 

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how we implement the Water Refill System in our vehicles.

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