Malaysia Reopening


Summary of Current Situation:

Malaysia is open to fully vaccinated travellers from all countries with a ‘Sandbox-style’ entry scheme called the Langkawi International Travel Bubble (LITB). In it, visitors can enter the island of Langkawi for a minimum stay of 3 days, with no quarantine. After 7 days in Langkawi and a second PCR test, guests are then free to explore anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia or, in Borneo, Sarawak (not Sabah). This pilot reopening is expected to operate for three months, at which point success will be evaluated and potentially lead to a full reopening. Below are the requirements as they are currently. These may change in the weeks ahead, so please check back to stay up to date with the latest information.

  • Pre-arrival:

    • Valid visa if required
    • Proof of full vaccination at least 14 days prior to departure to Malaysia
    • Proof of health/medical insurance covering COVID treatment in case of infection with a minimum coverage of $80,000 USD.
    • Negative test results from a PCR test within 72 hours of departure to Malaysia for travellers aged 7 and above.
    • Guests should purchase an RTK saliva self-testing kit to bring on their trip for conducting tests at designated screening sites at the airport or ferry terminals, thought they may also purchase these on-site while travelling.
    • Download MySejahtera App
    • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by fully-vaccinated parents or guardians.
    • Visitors must use a travel agency that is registered in Malaysia (EXO Travel is registered in Malaysia), and must engage a tour guide during transfers and tour activities. Independent travellers are not currently being allowed to partake in the travel scheme.
  • Arrival:

    • Upon arrival, visitors will be given an ID Tag by a health screening official who will check:
      • Digital/printed negative PCR test result
      • Certificate of vaccination
      • Health Declaration Form
      • Proof of insurance
    • Travellers must undergo a total of 6 tests to take part in the LITB:
      • PCR test within 72 hours of departure from home country (mentioned in pre-arrival)
      • PCR test upon arrival
      • RTK test on day 3 in Langkawi
      • RTK test on day 5 in Langkawi
      • PCR test on day 7; after this point guests are free to explore the rest of Malaysia or continue their stay in Langkawi
      • Subject to the requirements of the next country guests will be visiting, a PCR test before departing Malaysia may be required
    • Download ‘MySejahtera App’ before exiting the airport.
  • During Stay:

    • Travellers staying 3 days or less undergo COVID screening on the second day to depart to their home country.
    • Travellers staying longer than 7 days undergo another PCR test on day 5 before being allowed to travel elsewhere in the country on day 7.

EXO Travel can arrange for hotels, transfers and PCR bookings (day 1 and 4) and provide proof to submit to above site.

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